Pet Cremation

Honor Your Loyal, Beloved Friend With Pet Cremation

TMaddox Funeral Home offers pet cremation services in the Front Royal, VA area.he loss of a pet can be a very difficult time for anyone, for pets are indeed part of the family. The staff at Maddox Funeral Home knows that when a pet has been a steadfast friend, confidant, and companion, this loss is devastating, and there is no doubt that the pet deserves the best farewell that can be offered. For that reason, we provide pet cremation service through Paws & Remember. The pet is brought to the funeral home, and we contact Paws & Remember to pick up the deceased pet. After the cremation, the cremains will be returned to the funeral home, at which time the family will be notified to pick up the cremains. This is another way to honor the life of the pet with your family.

If you wish to make arrangements for a pet’s passing, please contact Maddox Funeral Home and let us assist you.