Pet Cremation Service

Honoring Your Loyal, Beloved Friend with Pet Cremation

Pet cremation is the best way to honor a beloved pet that has passed on.
The loss of a pet can be a very difficult time for anyone, as pets are indeed a deeply valued part of the family. The staff at Maddox Funeral Home knows that when a pet has been a steadfast friend, confidant, and companion, this loss can be devastating. We also know that like any human loved one, a pet who has provided companionship, loyalty, love, and devotion deserves to be given a respectful farewell.

This is why Maddox Funeral Home provides pet cremation services through Agape Pet Services. The pet is brought into the care of the funeral home, at which time the family meets with a staff member to decide on the type of cremation package for their pet. The cost of each cremation will depend on the size of the pet as well as the package chosen by the family.

Know that employees of the funeral home have been pet owners and will at all times treat your pet with great care, respect, and dignity.

If you have any questions or wish to make arrangements for a pet’s passing, please contact Maddox Funeral Home, Inc. and allow us to assist you.