Funeral Service Options

A funeral service is designed to reflect on the life of the person being honored. The choice of service most often is made to give an opportunity for those left behind to recognize the life and contributions of the deceased. There are several different ways in which to honor the loved one. The staff at Maddox Funeral Home is available to assist with whichever service is desired.

prospect-hill-cemeteryTraditional Funeral Service

The traditional funeral includes a service at a church or the funeral home lead by a clergy person or an officiant. The family may choose to have a visitation for family members only or a public visitation for friends to pay their respects to the family. Typically, the visitation is held the night prior to the service or an hour before the service. After the funeral service, a burial will take place.

Graveside Service

Families may choose to have a graveside service without a traditional service. The deceased will be taken to the cemetery, and the burial will take place following the graveside service.

chapelMemorial Service

When a person has been buried before a service is held, or the deceased has been cremated, a memorial service may be held. The memorial can take place at the funeral home, in a church, or at a place where the deceased enjoyed spending time. If the deceased was cremated, the cremains may or may not be at the service.

Visitation With or Without a Viewing

Families often choose to have a visitation without having any other type of service. This is a time for people to come together to share their memories of the deceased in a less formal environment.


Cremation is another choice for the deceased’s family. The deceased is taken to the crematory by one of our staff members and picked up after the cremation. The cremains will be returned to the family, and they may decide to bury, scatter, or keep them. The family may also choose an urn from our urn showroom. Keepsake jewelry pieces are available for family members to purchase.